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Copy Client Accelerator 2.0

[Ready to close your first $2K-$4K per month client with Copy Client Accelerator 2.0.?]

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What you'll get:

  • Valuable Video Teachings (Worth $900)
  • Private Discord Community (Worth $100)
  • 3 Exclusive Bonus Courses: Funnel-Building, Email Marketing, Social Media Branding (Worth $500)

"If payment isn't working please contact support"

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What Accelerators Are Saying:

Tyson LITERALLY handed me a $3,000/mo client"


Closed a client for $1700 total, he‘s gonna pay me in 3 steps $567 each. The only thing I want to say is, to never EVER quit and you‘ll succeed in the end.


Big thanks to Tyson 4D for everything. Hit my first ever $10k/mo 🔥 Copy Client Accelerator is legit the best investment I ever made. 🔥


Hey G's, I got a second payment from a client and that's officially my first 4 figure month. Around 2 months ago I got my first client and now I've already made $1.9k from copywriting as a 15-year-old kid, all thanks to my man @Tyson 4D , I have no words that could describe everything he's done for me and not only. I have around 8 months since I started copywriting and in the first 6 months I literally only had like a sales call and 0 clients with emails and once I started implementing his shit that btw is FREE, that's how far I got. Also huge shout out to my brothers @Hamza and @Costin for always helping me with sales and copy. 4D Army on TOP, keep grinding G's.


Officially got paid from one of my clients, and gave him a massive discount due to where his current revenue was at but once we get him to where he needs to be I’ll scale him to a 2-3k a month client. Huge shout to @Tyson 4D ! I got this client via instagram video intro, was a massive game changer. Keep on winning on guys, only a little over a month in CCA and already have two amazing clients! All the sacrifice and 12-14 hour days (including brokie job) eventually pay off ! Let’s go!


Ay quick win. Making 2 sales pages for a real estate guy with around 100k followers. He’s got an event coming up with some big people so I’m making the sales page for it. He’s also needing one for his mastermind. So altogether I’m collecting $2200. Appreciate you Tyson, Hamza, Costin, Speggs, and J and of course the INTERMEDIATES 🔥 1st day of the month, let’s aim for a $5K/mo 🫡 (Been paid part of the whole base already)