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Here's what people are saying:

"I just joined CCA a few weeks ago and have already upped my income $2,200Updated: $18,600/mo - Xenos

"Just hopped off a call with one of my clients. $3,750 dollar deal CLOSED" - Alain, 16 years old (Made $10,250+)

"I've made almost $9,000 now" - Leopold, 14 yrs old

"$4.3k for the month. 16 years old and I think I make more than my teachers" - Aayan (Making $5,250+/mo)

"On three retainers, get paid biweekly and more than that I'm business partners with my clients" (Making $3,400+/mo) - David

"I've made in total around $3267" (Made $5,067+) - Benjamin

"Yesterday's bag💰" - Frozen (Making €3,645+/mo)

"Once I complete the jobs I will be at $2200 from my 3 clients" - Bamburrg (Made $3400+)

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"Tyson LITERALLY handed me a $3k/mo client" - Spegs (Making $3k+/mo)


"I've made short of £2,000 since joining CCA. It allowed me to actually love the outreach part. " - Elliott (Made $2,450)


"These past couple of months I've made 4 figures ($1,320)" - Henry (Made over $2,230+)

"This was only 3 weeks after I bought CCA. So currently my ROI is at 500%" - Rayyan (Making $2,000+/mo)

"I officially hit my first 4 figure month" (Made $1,900+) - Octavian, 15 year old

"A medium W with a 6-figure Baby Shark today. $1.5k for a sales page" - Denis (Made $1,800+)

"For context: retainer for helping out with SMS & Email Marketing" - Denny (Making $1,750+/mo)

"Closed a client for $1700 in total" - Sergen

"I've just shot past the requirements for an advanced copysulter at the age of 15" - Cia Officer (Made $1,620+)

"One week after joining CCA I made $1100 from a single project" - Owen (Made $1,400+)

"I'm currently at 4 figures per month" - Zeus, 16 year old (Making 1,000+/mo)

"I got paid a lot more than expected" - Ryan (Made $825+)

"Now I've made $500 from copywriting!" - Kaloyan (Made $700+)

"To say CCA is a game-changer is an understatement" - Ashton (Made $370+)

"Big W, got my first payment" - Jasper (Made $300+)

"First $420+ in copywriting" - Seb

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do I Get Access?

You get total lifetime access to all of the course materials INCLUDING everything that gets added to the course from here on out.

Should I Know How To Write Copy?

The Copy Client Accelerator is for copywriters who posses a basic level of skill.

If you currently don't know how to write copy, then make sure you stay tuned, because a full copywriting course will be available soon.

Can't I learn This Stuff For Free On YouTube?

These are strategies and methods that simply can't be found on Youtube, Google, Instagram, or any other platform.

I know this because this course contains tactics that I've developed while creating my own client-generating process.

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